Interesting Projects

A Loft Bed with shelves and burl post 

Fuzzy Wuzzy needed a glass cage, so I built him one.



The next time you are going to jail in Oregon City, you can sit on these benches that I made for the courthouse.

This wall used to be so close to the chairs you couldn't open the oven door. I moved the wall and pantry under an existing staircase and opened the entry to the dining room. I added almost 40 sq. ft. to the kitchen.

The pantry


A sliding barn door for the laundry room


All laundry rooms should have a sink. 

A wooden couter top. 

A window casing. 


Seveal wraped columns and casings.

Another window seat before it was painted dark blue.


A window seat with shelves. It covered a cold air return so I routed the design in the base and covered it with a screen to keep the mice in. 


A slat wall to cover the acoustic insulation in The Songbird restaurant.



A slat wall on the bar for symetricality.

Shelves for the songbird


A simple box to be used as an urn.

A simple box to be used as an urn.