Shelves supporting a loft bed.

These shelves open like a french door to hide a laundry room.

These shelves close up to hide a laundry room.


Shelves with a matching fish tank. 

Two walls of shelves.

I demoed the old bath and built the walls with pocket doors and buillt the base cabinets and shelves. 

The shelves are 2 inch thick white oak. I glued them up to 14 inches wide and 14 ft long.  I built the library ladder and had the tubes fabricated.

Shelves to frame a doorway.

A wall of shelves


with the doors closed


Shelves surrounding a Bay window.

Built to match existing kitchen 

Trash bins. 

Red oak plywood and paneling.


I coverd the old bricks on the  fireplace and installed the tile. I set the shelves on stanchions and angled the base cabinets to keep the small room feeling more open. 


For the kids closet.

I built the shelves on stanchions to keep a more open feel in a small room


A small shelf for a sewing room